Diagnoses Negative

Diagnoses Negative

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The government of Iran has once again decided to resume its nuclear processing program, following months of on again, off again negotiations with the United States and the European Union.

It’s becoming increasingly (and disturbingly) clear that as this saga continues, and Iran gets ever close to building a bomb, Western governments simply have very little power to stop any of this. Not much has been done to date, but then again there isn’t really much they CAN do in the first place; America and Europe’s hands are tied by a number of geopolitical factors.

In the end, the West may simply have to accept a nuclear Iran as inevitable, and deal with it from there. Much like North Korea.

A good analysis can be found here

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  1. dvd ripper

    Hi, just stumbled on your page from reddit. It’s not an article I would typically read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanks for making a blog post worth reading!


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